What we do

We let you be creative and give you the freedom to explore your ideas. Then we support, we analyze, we research, and we find the ways to develop your ideas into a real specification tailored to meet your needs

We add value!

We work with architects, contractors and interior designers with a sense of responsibility, knowing that time, cost and quality are the key elements of every project and that one should not be sacrificed for the other.

Hers what we can do, with respect, passion and simplicity.

From Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) sector to private villas, from retail spaces to luxury offices. Each project is a learning curve to embrace new tech-solutions, to get to know new materials and to simply design.

Concept book


2D and 3D Shop drawings


Survey and 3D laser scanner


Rapid prototyping and visual mock up


Material specification and cutting lists


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