Your projects? No limits

Welcome to FSTUDIO,

We are a design studio that specializes in the executive design and engineering of interior projects

Our role begins at the end of the concept design. We will take your ideas and sketches and turn a construction site into a space to live.

We love to build relationships, to understand in detail your requirements so that our team can realize your expectations. We never limit creativity and believe that everything is possible. A custom design interior or furniture should be exactly as you want it.

Since we began in 2008 we have worked with architects, general contractors and interior specialists who have amazing concepts to realize. Our skill is to study the details, search for materials and design the solutions to ensure that every possible detail is perfect.

Our experience shows that design well and take time in the solutions as this will minimize errors and save time later.

Quality is the key and we pride ourselves on our designs that are functional and beautiful and embracing the latest technology wherever possible.

We take care to ensure your restaurant, hotel, shop, home or office are delivered with experience and attention to every detail.

We are based in Cittadella near Padua (IT) but will travel anywhere across the globe to realize your project.

We look forward to your next project!


Quality Matters

We assess every concept for effectiveness and develop conceptual design into an outstanding end product. Every project for us is unique and that means that every detail, joint corner or junction should be considered. Detailed design and engineering are the only solutions to create that perfect result and we don’t take this as an option but as our choice.



Our customers appreciate that we pride ourselves on being precise, organized and transparent at every stage of their project. For us, our commitment is 100% to ensure that their project completes on time as we fully understand time is money.


The devil is in the detail

Executive design is the core of every project. Every step of the process has to be optimized from the exchange of basic information to the completion of the detailed drawings. This is where we add value and dedicate a project manager to every project who understands how to deliver project from the very start to the successful handover.


Custom solutions

There is no such thing as a standard solution. Our experience has taught us that every project is unique, every Customer has its own expectations and every project a different story. Our skill set focuses on ensuring that we tailor the specifications, the details and the possibilities to create the solution especially for you.




Our own input

Every empty space offers lots of potentialities to be developed. We utilize our experiences and skills, our values and the best possible solutions to make it possible.


Continued Improvement

We never get tired of learning and welcome new challenges that help us raise the bar just that little bit higher every time.


No limits to your projects



FStudio is the perfect combination of youth and experience. At our core the 20 years of experience in the furniture business of our founder and owner Tomas Favarin merged with our young dynamic team that have the desire and curiosity to continuously explore new technology, new materials and come up with new ideas to solve that special situation on your project.

To keep up to date with worldwide developments is our favorite pastime.


The strength and future of  FStudio lies in its people and its values

We believe in the value of relationships and a collaborative environment where everyone can grow and contribute to the team.

Quality, innovation and excellence are our mantra

  • Do you actively listen and like to push your ideas forward to build the team?
  • Do you work with enthusiasm and passion because you love what you do?
  • Do you challenge yourself and want to improve more and more?

If you have that attention to detail, can listen and understand how to develop new ideas, and have belief in yourself.

                               WHY NOT JOIN US?


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